• @Bruce I'm just treading water here in Austin. It's been fine and there's stuff the HES/ETC has me doing, which keeps me sane.

    How about you? Did you lose any big work?

  • @Gabz OMG I would love this!

  • @Bruce It's the standard 2 day class that we (HES) gives. We go through basically how to make a show from scratch startng with patching, programming, utilizing palettes, and recording/playing back cues on day 1. Day 2 covers utilizing scenes, pixelmapping, effects engine, and some other things specific to Hog that make it easy to run.

  • @Bruce I'm actually giving the training 😄 sometime soon I'll be able to actually program part of a show though!

  • @Gabz It's super nice if you're traveling alot! Also if the airport doesn't haven't precheck you usually still get to keep your shoes on, but you do still have to take stuff out of the bag.

    Yeahh fitting it all in a bag is never fun.

  • @Gabz I usually take 2 laptops (mac for fun and pc for work), an iPad Pro, and my Switch if I’m traveling for work. If you have precheck, TSA won’t blink an eye. If you don’t have precheck, then it’s just a lot to pull out of the bag

  • @Bruce oooh I haven’t played with Isadora in awhile but it was fun and cool all the things it could do!

  • @Bruce realized I never responded to this. I’m sorry about that. I currently work for HES, so I chose a console I’m familiar with.

  • @adrianizq I got the 22. It’s big enough to hold 2-13” laptops and 1 iPad Pro 12.9” yay work travel. I probably would go 30 now, just so I can grow to the 15/16” laptop size more comfortably.

  • @kitt Thank you!!

  • @eli Thank you!!

  • @kitt thanks!!

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